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About me
In short... a human being, in constant evolution.
My pictures can surely say about me more than I could do in words ... am anyway glad to tell you about my interests.
Art, of course, but also music, literature, cinema ... and then Nature and its marvels, time is never enough, I would like to have more, also to deepen knowledge of what draws my attention ... but trust that this is a common feeling.
Please find below a passage from the biographical notes in the "Archeovisioni" catalogue:

"The particular path she undertook in photography began far afield. It was started to fulfill a search for broader vision, given her inborn curiosity for her surroundings and also a wish to pursue her interests in the field of humanities. Her language studies as well go into making up the outlines of a personality that has a wish to explore the world encircling her and a desire to seek out and figure out the multi-faceted aspects of the context, all the while keeping her mind open to catch that element of the unexpected.
Her great passion for music as a source of vibrations and sensations wends its way as well into her works. Her videos develop out of this profound stimulus wherein we find the accompaniment of appreciated composers, even contemporary ones, making for a synergy of images, colours and sounds".
The preparation of the solo exhibition at the National Archeological Museum of Florence happened to also be the pleasant occasion to start writing again: my poetic texts were lately published in the small volume "Archeovoci". To discover more, please visit the relevant page.
For additional info, please find my Curriculum. And through the Filtrismo channel on Youtube, you can make a virtual visit, from the Florence Archeological Museum exhibition to the one in Palazzo Medici-Riccardi, and more ... have a pleasant journey!

And now, let's find more details about a few exhibitions and events.
I do love to realize videos from my pictures, paying special attention to the soundtrack too. I edited my very first video, "Flussi di Colore" (Flows of Colors), for my trip to Brazil in December 2006.
I have then been able to show at the UNIT-Universidade Tiradentes and MUHSE-Anthropological Museum (in the city of Aracaju) a larger number of artworks than the ones on exhibition. The video was successively used in the Anthropological Hall, here is the certificate.
And on Youtube, you may view the report that Aperipé Broadcasting Station made on my exhibition at the Museum.

In December 2010 the solo exhibition "Archeovisioni" took place into the halls of the National Archeological Museum in Florence. For further details you may visit the relevant website through the above link.
In consideration of the wide appreciation, its duration was extended until the end of September 2011.

And further to the above I was invited to exhibit at the Italian Institute for Culture in Brussels: the artworks from Archeovisioni were shown there between May and June 2013, along with new interpretations of findings. Hence the exhibition title: “Archeovisioni – a work in progress”. The leaflet is available here.

The exhibition was shown between September and November also at the Gallo-Romeins Museum in Tongeren (Belgium).
And after the preparation of "Archeovisioni", I deeply felt the wish to depict views in my region through this language.

This feeling gave birth at the beginning of 2011 to the "Ri-Frazioni" project: developed in close cooperation with the Assessorship for Tourism of the Florence Province, it was presented in November through the solo exhibition at Palazzo Medici-Riccardi in Florence.
Direct access to the gallery from the above link, the article published by the "Metropoli" magazine is available here.

The exhibition had three additional presentations: at the Spedale dei Pellegrini-Barberino Val d'Elsa (2012), the Convento del Bosco ai Frati, S. Piero a Sieve (2012), and the Design Campus of the Faculty of Architecture of Florence, Calenzano (2013).
And in August 2019, my interpretations have been appreciated from the Italian and international public in the solo exhibition "Sogni digitali" (Digital dreams) at the  Lu.C.C.A.-Lucca Center of Contemporary Art.
I showed in this museum for the first time one of my experimentations in the Black-White, here it is.
Exhibition and critic text curated by Maurizio Vanni.
Here is the leaflet, and a short video.
If you wish to discover more, please visit Filtrismo.
And to see my artworks, the Galleries are waiting for you.
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