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An Artist's glance
"Sguardo d'artista" (An Artist's glance) is the project which was started at the beginning of 2009, for the realization of the 2010 Institutional Calendar for the Signa Municipality. The calendar was entirely based on interpretations from filtristic viewpoint of artworks by Alimondo Ciampi, sculptor.

The project arose from the wish to present from a new perspective the works by this artist, born in S. Mauro a Signa in the second half of 19th century. Have then exposed my idea to Giampiero Fossi - then Assessor for Culture, now Mayor - who has appreciated it very much and welcomed it with enthusiasm. Hence, the assignment to realize the Institutional Calendar.

Much delighted for this notable task, I deepened my researches on Ciampi's works, which are also shown at the Modern Art Gallery at Palazzo Pitti in Florence. He worked with bronze, marble and terracotta; in Signa several recent bronze fusions are offered to the admiration of public, while original fusions can be seen in several locations in Tuscany. Ciampi's works are present also in museums in the U.S.A.

If you would like to learn more, you may visit the Fondazione Ciampi website, founded in order to financially help the young artists.

Alimondo Ciampi died in Florence in 1939, and was buried in the Cimitero delle Porte Sante (Holy Doors Cemetery),  at the Basilica di S. Miniato al Monte, one of the most ancient and mostly admired cult locations in Florence.
The Institutional Calendar, printed in large format and with a limited edition of 1,000 hand numbered copies, has then accompanied the flowing of 2010. Here by side is the cover image.

The calendar was presented in December 2009 at the SalablĂą Auditorium in Signa, and for this event I have realized the video "Sguardo d'Artista" (An Artist's glance), with the sparkling music by the young pianist and composer Giovanni Pontoni born in Signa.

This video has been successively shown and appreciated in other locations as well.
And the realization of the project on Ciampi has also been the happy occasion to know the English pianist and composer Simon Rackham.

Maybe I will tell you later on about our encounter, for the time being here are the calendar images.
And to discover more, please visit the other Galleries - thank you!
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