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I am attracted, and have been since the childhood, from the architecture, or would better say architectures, from the capacity of Men to give birth to imaginative constructions, whose aspect goes far over and beyond the mere necessity to erect a shelter from the weather events - which is the reason why our progenitors initiated to build.
The research for beauty, of an aesthetic ideal has accompanied Humanity since its first, unsteady steps, and it is interesting to observe how different canons have been confirmed, to be later changed in the course of time, and how this is easily perceivable in the architectural structures as well.
Would like to glance with you at a few among the views that have attracted me through time. The Castello di Sammezzano is one of them, and in December 2020 it occupied the 2nd place in the "Luoghi del Cuore 2020" (Locations in your Heart) rank of the FAI-Fondo Ambiente Italiano (Italian Location Fund).

You may view other architecture interpretations in Ri-frazioni - showing the entire exhibition which took place at Palazzo Medici-Riccardi in Florence - and in Spazio e Ratio, also showing views of the sky along with other perceptions.

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