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Filtristic photograph
I am glad to tell you that my friend Simon Rackham, English pianist and composer who lives in Italy since many years, has made me a beautiful and unexpected gift, dedicating a piece from his last album to me. The title is "Filtristic music, for Daniela Corsini", and you may listen to it from the following link: https://simonrackhamswork.com
Hope that you too will like Simon's music!

Also another friend of mine, Paolo Sottocorona, the well-known and esteemed meteorologist on La7 TV Station, has made to me a gift as much beautiful as unexpected: he dedicated to my artistic work the space daily reserved to photographs viewing during the broadcasting on Saturday, October 24th.
It has been a great emotion indeed ... and here is the video!
A first glance
Let's now have a first viewing at my artworks. You may discover more visiting the Artworks section.
Just one more moment, to discover the starting point and the arrival.
Next events
Please stay in touch to be informed about next activities - thank you!
Introducing myself
My first exhibition took place in March 2005, even though I started artistic researches and experimentations much earlier. Each work originates from images which I take personally - sole exception, the made to order works, which I have realized also from clients' supplied photographs.
I then work through digital instruments on the elements in each image, until I reach my vision of the subject. You may discover more visiting Filtrismo.
It was the start of a fortunate series of exhibitions and events, still going on. Among the others, those which took place at the UNIT-Universidade Tiradentes and MUHSE-Anthropological Museum (Aracaju, Brazil - 2006), National Archeological Museum in Florence (www.archeovisioni.it - Italy, 2010), Palazzo Medici-Riccardi in Florence (Italy, 2011), Italian Institute for Culture in Brussels (Belgium, 2013), Lu.C.C.A. Museum (Lucca, Italy, 2019). To discover more, please visit About me.
And since a few years, while continuing the exhibiting activity I apply my creativity to other ambits too.

Have created particular home decorative objects, exclusively handcrafted in Florence, Italy - illuminated pictures, small tables, frames with mirror. You may purchase these at the bookshop in the Lu.C.C.A. Museum (Lucca, Italy), GreenheArt Space in Picciorana (Lucca, Italy) and the Internoventi shop in Empoli (Florence, Italy).
Have also developed proposals for Interior Decoration, suitable for walls, niches, panels ... several materials and finishing available.
Windows and glass walls too may be transformed in a picture - solutions for privacy screening available.
A rich portfolio is offered for your choice, exclusive realizations from your own images are also possible.
From my pictures, I also love to create particular stoles and scarves, from essential nuances ideal for formal occasions to a phantasmagoria of colors, to be accompanied by the rainbow.

And bags in printed fabric too, realized in full colors as well as in black-and-white.
And to discover more, please visit the Galleries!
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