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Archeology takes a significant space up in my artistic path, and in my personal interests as well. A few works, to begin:
The encounter in March 2006 with an archeologist from the UNIT-Universidade Tiradentes (Aracaju, Brazil) - which took place at the "Caffè Storico Letterario Giubbe Rosse” in Florence while I had an exhibition there - was the start of a good collaboration, which led to my trip to Aracaju in December.
I had then the opportunity to present my art at the UNIT-Universidade Tiradentes and MUHSE-Anthropological Museum, for the first exhibition abroad (for further info, please visit About me).
And it was during the Spring 2009 that the "Archeovisioni" project was started. It was presented to the public in December 2010 with the exhibition at the National Archeological Museum in Florence.
I had the great pleasure, and the honour, to closely approach twelve among the most exquisite findings in the collections, with whom my interpretations conversed into the Museum's halls.
Please find a selection of artworks below; you may see the entire exhibition - along with the didactic notes of each finding - on
You may also virtually visit the exhibition through the reports realized by the SeeTen broadcasting station, available on the Filtrismo channel on Youtube.
Though planned to last until April 2011, the exhibition was prolonged until the end of September 2011. Catalogue published by Sillabe.
This successful experience led to the invitation for a solo exhibition at the Italian Institute for Culture in Brussels (May/June 2013). It consisted of the works from "Archeovisioni", along with new interpretations of findings. Hence the title, “Archeovisioni – a work in progress”.
The exhibition was shown between September and November also at the Gallo-Romeins Museum in Tongeren (Belgium).
Here there are some works, the leaflet is available here:
The journey will bring new discoverings, additional encounters with our ancestor's heritage ... please stay in contact!
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