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Music and me
Music has occupied, and it still pleasantly does, a considerable space in my life: the first notes I listened to originated from the harmonies of symphonic music, which my father willingly enjoyed during his free moments.
I became fond of the "Zecchino d'Oro" program (singing competition for children), and of the "Festival di Sanremo" during my green years, and so on, to the rock music and alike, to which my brother introduced me.

I will soon tell you about the close bond that still lies between music, me and my art, about the making of my videos, the collaborations realized with some musicians for their events, about the time I realized for a quartet the cover for their first CD ...

In the meantime, should you have missed the news from the Home Page ... my friend Simon Rackham, English pianist and composer who lives in Italy since many years, has made a beautiful and unexpected gift to me, with his dedication of a piece from the last album: "Filtristic music, for Daniela Corsini", which you may listen from following link:
Hope that you too will like Simon's music!
An image is anyway needed ... this is L'Onore.
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